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Since the time that it was created in the 1960’s, Dianabol has already gained so much attention as a muscle gaining aid. As far as anabolic steroids are concerned, this supplement has been the most widely used by professional weight lifters all over the world. Most of those who take it say that aside from being the perfect aid in developing muscle density, it is also very easy to take since it is orally consumed.

Dianabol develops mass

One of the best effects that it provides the body is that it develops the proper balance of nitrogen. The big thing about the presence of nitrogen is that is it a content of amino acids that is the main ingredient of protein. Protein on the other hand is the main reason why muscles grown in mass and density. To gain more density in muscles, one has to have a higher intake of protein than the usual. Now with proper balance in nitrogen achieved, the human body now has the ability to absorb the protein in it that will be used in developing the density of muscles.

Now this is what Dianabol is all about – gaining muscle mass. Here is the deal, the steroid will help a person achieve results that are nothing short of amazing. Within the first six weeks of taking it, the user will finds out that he has gained between 2 to 4 pounds in weight. But the good news is that this additional weight is not fat. This is pure muscle and water retained in the body.

The right way of taking it

If you are new to taking Dianabol the best thing to do is to start taking it in small doses. This will acclimatize your body by allowing it to adjust to the presence of this anabolic steroid and the slight changes it is going to cause. A 30 milligram dose spread out into three intakes throughout the day is the perfect way to start you off. The important thing is to take these doses within your meals. At this level, there is only a small chance of the side effects to manifest. The higher the dosage, the bigger the chance for side effects to show up.

If and when you start seeing positive results manifesting in your muscles without any negative adverse effects, this is actually the time that you can increase the dose that you are taking. Positive results and nonexistent side effects are proof that your body is adapting to the presence of Dianabol However, just like anything on planet Earth, there is a maximum cap in taking this steroid. For a non-professional body builder, the limit should be 50 milligrams per day. A capsule taken with a meal for a maximum three times in a day should be the regular norm of taking it. The time frame involved in taking this anabolic steroid is eight weeks, no more no less.

As for professional body builders, the maximum dosage they should take is about 60 to 70 milligrams per day. At this level, they can actually support it with other steroids that will result in massive muscle mass gains. This is a process called stacking.

This anabolic steroid can be stacked with testosterone and methandrostenolone. However, there has been strong proof that the use of this steroid alone can produce satisfying results in gaining muscle mass.