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Every body builder has a dream and that is to have well-defined muscles, rock-hard biceps, and chiseled abs. To do this, they slave away in the gym and push themselves to the limit. It isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling good about oneself and learning the discipline and dedication needed to achieve it. To have that perfectly toned body, one needs years of exercise, a strict diet, and taking the proper supplements and medication. The first two is something inherent to the person and requires willpower and discipline to achieve. The last factor requires proper planning of dosages, intervals of use, and what kind of supplement to drink. For this one, the best thing for you is Dianabol—an anabolic steroid that is specifically catered to increasing muscle mass.

The Anatomy of Bulking Up

When we think of body-builders, we have this image of bulky men lifting even bulkier barbells and weights in the gym. We also know that all of us have muscles but what goes on from lifting kilos of weights to having biceps bigger than our legs is a mystery. Contrary to some people’s notion, we do not grow more muscles when we pump weights. What really happens is that the existing fibers grow in size. This is medically known as hypertrophy which means when your muscles grow, you are literally forcing each muscle fiber to grow in size.

Whenever we lift weights or strain our muscles, some of the muscles actually get torn in the process. This is what causes the actual pain that we feel when we exert ourselves. After the work out, our bodies will try to repair the torn muscle fibers and will try to make it stronger and bigger so as to resist tearing. This is why it is important for you to regularly do your exercises since it is the only way to stimulate the body to create bigger and stronger muscle fibers. As the fibers become stronger, they will be able to resist more weight and this is why we need to steadily increase the weights that we lift.

 How Dianabol Helps

To hypertrophy, our muscles need protein and the best source is actually by eating more of it. The protein we eat is broken down into amino acids and is then rearranged to become long protein chains that become our muscles.

With this, we can assume that increasing our muscle mass will heavily rely on two factors: the weights we lift and how much protein we add in our diets. However, the speed at which the muscles become bigger and stronger is largely dependent on our body’s control system which is our neuroreceptors. Dianabol stimulates the androgen receptors in our body to increase the rate at which muscle mass is gained. It also decreases the rate at which excess fat is converted and stored in the body. This allows for the bulging muscles underneath to become more prominent.

Simply put, Dianabol on its own will not help you get bigger and stronger muscles. However, when combined with regular exercise and a strict diet, the results will be seen much faster.