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Dianabol is probably the most popular brand of steroids being used by weight lifters around the world. Since it comes in oral digestible forms, a lot of people feel safer to use this than those that come in the form of injected substances. To use Dianabol successfully, one has to take it from between four to six weeks with a maximum dose of about 30 milligrams per day. Within this time frame, you will certainly experience changes with very minimal side effects.

For faster results and bigger muscle mass gain, users tend to jack up the dosage. However to achieve better results in a shorter time frame, it is still unclear as to how much should be taken in terms of dosage. However, there are studies and researches that have resulted in bigger muscle mass gains if Dianabol was taken in 60 to 70 milligrams per day. Unfortunately, the same studies showed an increase in side effects. This is the main reason why dosage within this range is not prescribed by medical professionals.

The Right Dose of Dianabol

But for bodybuilders, this dose range is still safe since they support their intake with other substances like testosterone and nandrolone. This allows the user to actually gain more muscle mass by taking Dianabol at a higher dose. It is important that dosage of the steroid be taken spread throughout the day for at least three to four times while taking meals. However, professional body builders tend to take the entire dose allocated for the day in just one take. They usually do this 30 minutes before they start their gym workout. This provides them the additional benefit of having all of the boost in energy that they need for their super strenuous workout routine. The added energy is what these body builders need to be able to lift all of those heavy weights.

However, when it comes to non-professionals who want to gain muscle mass, this manner of taking Dianabol is not recommended. The spread out daily manner of taking the dosage allows the body enough time in between intakes to adjust to the substance’s effects. A sudden high amount of anabolic steroid will increase the livers’ activities in processing it. This may cause the liver to break down and more ailments will come in like high cholesterol levels and uncontrollable blood pressure.

Gaining Muscle Mass

There have been a lot of good results recorded from studies and research about the ability of people taking Dianabol to gain more muscle mass. However, a person taking this steroid should have a regular physical fitness weight training routine aided by at 5,000 calories of food intake. The calorie intake should not be a concern for people who have visits the gym on a daily basis.

However, if a persons’ aim is to eliminate or reduce body fat, this is not the ideal substance to use since it helps aid the body retain water. This is caused by an ingredient called Methandrostenolone.

If you are thinking of taking Dianabol, it is best to seek the advice of a medical professional regarding the matter of gaining muscle mass. Taking it on your own is a dangerous thing because it does have some side effects to it. One is that an excessive amounts of this steroids produce estrogen which counteracts all of the positive effects.