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The title states the most frequent question asked about taking Dianabol. A follow-up to that question is how to take Dianabol safely? The key in answering these two questions is to do a little research on the steroid itself. The steroid is actually a mix of androgenic and anabolic.

The main ingredient found in Dianabol is called Methandrostenolone.  Dianabol was freely produced and sold. However, studies have resulted in some concerns regarding its safety and is now being produced and sold by discreet companies strictly over the internet.

What Professionals Say

Professional body builders and athletes in other sports who take Dianabol to enhance their muscle mass claim that it is safe to take it. However, there is one thing that must be put into perspective – that the user takes it by strictly by following the instructions of the manufacturer OR takes it with the proper advice of a medical practitioner.

Body builders who have been taking this steroid for quite awhile know already what effects they can expect from taking it. The good thing about Dianabol is that it was created in the 1960’s. Since then, production has never stopped. This only means one thing – that there is about 50 years worth of information that can answer the question how to take Dianabol safely? These information can easily be accessed through research on the internet.

A lot of professional and amateur athletes prefer to use this steroid over any other. The reason for this is that Dianabol is the steroid that gives them the ultimate results. Another reason for this is that it delivers results in such a short span of time. Third is that some of the results that it brings may have seemed unreachable before the cycle was started.

How safe is it compared to other steroids?

The truth is a lot of drugs sold in drugstores have a level of danger in them when taking it – this includes OTC drugs. The dangers or side effects of these drugs normally manifest if there is an abuse in its use. When it comes to Dianabol, the trick really is to take it the way manufacturers and your Doctors prescribe you to.

However, there is a tendency for athletes to jack up the dosage so they can achieve better results. Unfortunately, this is where the dangers of side effects surface.

The main side effect of this steroid affects the livers’ ability to process protein. By taking the right dose, the liver will only process the right amount of protein, hence it will not undergo extra stress. However, if the athlete suddenly adds more dose, the liver will not have time to adapt to the higher amount and therefore will have to work extra hard. This will cause the liver to break down and impair its ability to perform its main purpose. This is called toxicity of the liver. A broken down liver can lead to further ailments and sometimes to the users’ death.

So here are the facts – if dianabol is taken with control, it is a safe way to gain muscle mass. However, problems surface once the use of it is not within the range prescribed by the manufacturer or Doctor.  So the best way to take Dianabol is to stick to what manufacturers and Doctors say.