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If you want to have a very muscular and manly figure, you’d have to spend long hours in the gym and eat a very specific kind of diet that is high in protein. However, even sticking to this plan religiously, you it will still take a lot of time before you see results. This is because muscle growth takes time and even with the ideal stimulus, muscle growth is a slow and painful process. This is why people often take a body building supplement such as Dianabol to help speed up the process. This anabolic steroid will amplify the effects of your diet and exercise so as to get better results at a faster rate. It is one of the most effective muscle-building supplements in the market. However, just like any drug, it also has its fair share of side-effects that you need to watch out for.

Toxic to the Liver

One of the biggest problems of this drug is that it is hepatotoxic or dangerous to the liver. It is categorized as a C17-AA chemical which the liver finds difficult to break down. This puts the user at risk of developing liver complications. Fortunately, the effects aren’t instantaneous and will usually manifest after prolonged use and high dosages. That is why it is always important to seek medical consul first to determine the dose and length of use.

Potential Cardiovascular Problems

Dianabol isn’t a weight loss pill; it is designed to make you lose fat and increase your muscle mass. You will appear thinner but your actual weight will probably increase since muscles are a lot heavier than fat. In fact, when you take this supplement, you should expect to gain a couple of pounds every week due to your muscles bulking up. However, this can become problematic to you cardiovascular system since they have no time to adjust to your increase in bulk and muscle mass. This puts extra strain on your heart and blood vessels which will cause you to have high blood pressure.


Anabolic steroids such as Dianabol also stimulate the body to produce testosterone which is important for the increase in muscle mass. However, it has an interesting side effect since testosterone is broken down by the body to produce estrogen. This increases the amount of fat deposits in the chest which leads to gynecomastia or more commonly known as man boobs.

Male Pattern Baldness

Aside from estrogen, another by product of testosterone breakdown is dihydrotestosterone which affects the hair growth in the scalp and face. The effects aren’t immediate but prolonged use will result in thinning of the scalp which eventually leads to baldness.

Most of the side-effects of Dianabol are attributed to it being an anabolic steroid. However, the effects aren’t immediate and usually results in long term use or high dosages. To avoid this, you need to seek proper medical advice and use only the recommended dosage for a specific time frame. After that, you need to let your body rest to get rid of the chemical again before resuming use.