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As good as it may sound, Dianabol has its fair share of side effects too. However, the good news is that these side effects seldom manifest if the steroid is used properly and under the guidance of a professional medical practitioner. Here are some of the side effects that you will have to look out for.

Serious effects of Dianabol without medical guidance

  1. It may cause Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition wherein users suffer from the unwanted development of extra fat in and around the chest muscles. The effect of which results in unsightly sagging chest which is infamously known as man boobs.
  2. It may impair the livers’ function. The unprescribed and prolonged usage of the Dianabol may have a negative effect on the liver which leads to the impairment of the organ from functioning well. This steroid is classified as a hepatotoxic. One of the main functions of the liver is to control the presence of substances made from chemicals. However, since Dianabol is a steroid belonging to the C17-AA chemical group, the liver has a lot of difficulty in controlling it. With this, the liver becomes over worked in dealing with this steroid for a long period of time and will eventually result in the liver breaking down.
  3. It can cause cardiovascular illnesses. Cardiovascular illnesses are a result of the steroids ability to help the body gain weight in a very fast manner. The reason for this is that the cardio system of the body has a difficult time adapting to the rapid changes caused by the sudden weight gain. Part of this is that the heart suddenly experience a huge jump in pulse rate and higher levels in blood pressure. These two can certainly cause problems in the heart if not controlled. Then there is the issue of the steroid contributing cholesterol within the veins and arteries.
  4. It may have a bad effect on the levels of testosterone. Basically, to be able to develop the desired muscle mass, men have to produce testosterone at a higher level than the usual. Testosterone can be found in Dianabol. The bad thing is that any excess testosterone will turn into estrogen in the long run.       Where testosterone aids in a man’s reproductive ability, estrogen has the exact opposite effect. Apart from that, a lot of the benefits of the steroid can be countered by estrogen. It causes the user to feel fatigued easily and loses the muscle mass they have developed. Then there is the issue of low libido which impedes sexual satisfaction. The worst effect is that it may cause the inflammation of the prostate.

It also affects the Psyche

  1. The mood of an athlete or body builder is on a high level once they take Dianabol and go to the gym. However, the bad part of it is that when they are not working out. This is when bad behavioral is displayed by the person. Some of them have displayed outward aggression to other people. The use of steroids in an uncontrolled manner without the guidance of a medical practitioner is one of the reasons why they get caught in fights.
  2. Another side effect that affects the persons’ psyche is that hair growth is impaired. This is caused by a chemical in the steroid called dihydrotestosterone.