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Benefits of a High Protein Diet

Most people understand that protein is essential for them and that they need some every week. They may also know what food supply protein, but they may not know much more about this organic compound. Here then is a short primer on protein and how it can affect your dieting efforts. With a high protein diet, you will not only have greater weight loss but also find it easier to build muscle.

How Does A High Protein Diet Work?

Protein provides the building materials for a lot of what your body needs in order to develop and maintain itself. Your hair, fingernails, skin cells and other parts of your body that are constantly growing and replenishing need protein in order to replenish properly. These cells are always dying off and forming new, healthier cells underneath. Without protein, your body won’t look healthy, and you won’t feel very good.

It is also essential for strong bones and teeth as well as for muscle development. Without it, your entire body falls apart, and your dieting won’t be worth much at that point.

What you need to take away from this is that you need protein in some form or another. But unlike carbs, your body won’t store up the protein. This compound needs to be replenished daily for best results. You need to find some way to get protein each day if you are going to look and feel your best.

Good and Bad Protein

Not all protein is created equally, or to put it another way, not every protein is equally as beneficial to you. There are a few different kinds, and they won’t all cause the same effects and provide the same benefits for your body.

The simple guide to good and bad protein is that anything with high saturated fat levels is not a great source. Essentially, you don’t want to take in a lot of fat with your protein. You can still get a lot of the same benefits, but those will also be countered by the bad these foods do as they raise your blood pressure, contribute to obesity and generally make you unhealthy.

You can get it from tons of different sources, and most people in the United States get plenty of protein every day. These are people who eat like the national average. They eat meats regularly, drink some milk pretty often and probably get some beans and soy a few times a week. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you might not get nearly as s much protein naturally. You may have to seek out your protein in less common places.

Most people will get their protein from meats and dairy products, but if you avoid both of those, you have to watch your diet more carefully. Now those kinds of foods do tend to be high in saturated fats, so you are avoiding a bullet in that respect, but you still need that protein.

How to Organise Your Protein Diet Plan

Because protein is so essential to any diet and to healthy living in general, it can help to plan out the kind of protein you are going to eat. For those who eat just about anything, it is best to get your protein from leaner foods. You can still eat red meats and be healthy, but you should try to go for leaner meats – those with less fat. That way, you can manage a high protein diet without all the guilt. And when you consume dairy products, in whatever form they may be, it will help to consume low fat, skim or 1% milk rather than the full-fat version.

Not everyone needs to ensure that they never have fatty meats of full-fat milk, but if you are obese or nearing obesity, then you should drastically limit your high-fat protein intake.

For those with more restrictive diet, such as lactose intolerant people as well as vegan and vegetarians, soy is a good alternative. But once again, soy is so commonplace now that it can be found in just about any kind of food. If you pay attention to the ingredients of the foods you eat, you may find that you are getting enough protein each day without adding anything else.

A healthier protein source is through beans. Legumes, lentils and fibrous protein sources are low in saturated fat and extremely good for you. Just a serving once a day can give you the necessary protein and help you avoid any worry about taking in lots of fat. 

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