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Are Organic Vegetables Better For Weight Loss?

Although I don’t get asked this question all that often, I do feel that it is an interesting subject to
ponder. You see it’s not so much what you get from organic foods, but what you don’t get from
organically-grown foods that make them the better option for health and weight loss.

Because in order to be certified ‘Organic’, vegetables have to be grown in a manner that uses no
pesticides and no artificial fertiliser. If we consider that the pesticides alone have been linked to gut
dysbiosis (altered balance of ‘good’ gut bacteria), leading to food intolerances, illnesses like IBS as
poor physical and mental performance, we can see that in theory, it is better to consume
organically-grown vegetables.

However, generally, it costs more per unit to purchase organically-grown vegetables due to the
lower yield and greater loss of product to pests. Costs which the produced must recoup from you,
the consumer.

Now I’m certainly not saying that you shouldn’t buy organic vegetables, but what I am saying is that
it’s better to buy ‘normal’ vegetables than no vegetables at all. If you can’t afford organic veg, then
just buy normal veg and give them a thorough wash before you prepare them.

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