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Diet Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Diets are hard. Either you don’t like the food you are allotted or you have trouble handling the small portion sizes. Then you lack the willpower to pull through the diet and you end up giving in and giving up.

Almost everyone who has dieted has been there, and a lot of these obstacles to healthy, successful dieting can be avoided. That’s because many people make the same mistakes that keep them from achieving their dieting goals. Let’s look at some of the most common ones.

Expecting Too Much

Speaking of goals, what kind did you set for yourself? Did you start dieting in spring and expected to get a toned beach body by summer? If all you are doing is dieting, then that isn’t going to happen. Maybe you expected to lose five pounds a week. Once again, that may not be a realistic goal.

Of course, it all depends on where you are starting, what your diet is like and what other things you are doing besides dieting to help yourself along (such as exercising). Not everybody is going to be able to hit goals at the same rate. Some people will lose weight faster than others, and just because someone in a commercial lost a lot of weight quickly does not mean you can do the same on the same diet.

Cutting Out Your Favorite Foods

If you go into a diet by crossing off all your favorite foods from your list of acceptable meals, then you probably aren’t going to enjoy yourself every much. No matter what kind of foods you like, you can probably find an alternative, substitute or variation hat works within the confines of your diet.

You don’t have to give up chocolate cake or lasagna just because your diet restricts the regular versions of them. You can find healthy, low-fat alternatives that taste almost the same. Also keep in mind that the diet you are using is not made specifically with you in mind. It’s okay to deviate a bit from it every now and then. That is going to make your diet more enjoyable and ensure you can make it all the way to your goals.

Just ask yourself- is it better to enjoy myself a little and stretch my diet rules or feel miserable and stick entirely to my diet? As you answer, keep in mind that you can still achieve what you want with a little cheating, but it may take you slightly longer.

Exercising to Make up for Cheating

Now just because oyu exercise, it does not mean that you can cheat all you like. Even the most active people in the world have to be careful about what they eat if they want to maintain their bodies. You can’t get a lean, firm body by packing on sugar and carbs. Exercising may get rid of some of the excess weight that you would be creating, but a large portion of it is going to stay with you.

Exercise should be used to complement your diet, not to excuse it. Some dieters think that when they have a little extra time to diet they can afford to cheat. As we mentioned before a little cheating on your diet is okay, but it is better to find a healthy alternative.  Also remember that every time you say yes to your cravings, you are making that habit stronger.

Eating Too Strictly

This ties into some earlier points, but you do want to make sure that you are not keeping to closely to your diet to the point where it makes you feel miserable. In other words, just because your diet says you need to eat a meal at a certain time does not mean that you have to listen to it every time. And your diet may say you are supposed to be eating, but you don’t feel like eating right then. It’s okay to skip that serving if you want.

Keep in mind that diets are general guidelines and not usually designed precisely for you. You won’t always feel full after eating what the diet allows and you won’t always be hungry when the diet demands you eat. Listen to your body as much as to the diet, and you should be okay.