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Effective Healthy Eating

A lot of people sabotage their own diets. They know what they should be eating and they do eat those foods, but they don’t often eat them properly or in the right quantities.  They may feel they are doing right by their diet and themselves, but they are actually cheating in lots of small ways, and it isn’t allowing them to achieve the results they want.

The Sin of the Sauce

It’s mostly sauces and toppings where most people mess up their diets. They may have a salad, but then they pile on grated cheese, salad dressing, croutons and even meats. This turns the salad from a healthy food into something else entirely. It’s not that these additions to the salad cannot be included in the diet in small portions so that they cannot be consumed in a healthy way, but a lot of people assume that because they are having the salad, they are able to do what they want to with it and still reap the rewards.

This applies to meats as well. People on a diet may know they need to stick to lean meats and eat cuts that have little to no fat, but then they put steak sauce or ketchup on their beef, gravy on their turkey and barbecue sauce ion their chicken.

All these sauces do have healthy variations, but that’s not what most people are going for. It’s okay to have sauce on your foods, but if you really want to stick to a healthy diet, you either need to use them sparingly or find healthier alternatives that have less fat and sugar. Fat-free sauces, skim toppings and “no sugar added” condiments can be great substitutes.

Cooking out the Nutrients

Another common mistake is to cook everything. You definitely don’t want to fry up your vegetables or fruits if you are going for a healthy meal. Even using low fat or healthy oils can make frying a bit easier on your diet, but cooking these nutrient-rich foods at all deprives them of a lot of their value.

Instead of boiling carrots, broccoli, potatoes and other vegetables, it is always better to allow them to be eaten in their natural state. This preserves their nutrients and makes them much more beneficial to you. Remember that healthy eating isn’t just about cutting out fat and sugar where possible but also about getting the requisite vitamins and minerals that your body needs. That will allow you to exercise more vigorously and feel more energized, which of course gives you what you need to be healthy and fit.

Don’t Sabotage Your Diet

When it comes to dieting, you are your own worst enemy. It is you who decides what you eat and at what time you eat. You pick the portions and you choose where you will go to buy your food. You can choose between the fast food restaurant and a home-cooked meal. You can choose the full fat or sugar free varieties. You decide whether to super-size your meal, and you decide what you buy for your groceries each month.

If you are conscious of what is good and bad for you and what you are doing to yourself, then you can take more control. But knowing is only part of the battle. You also have to exercise control in your diet. No one else can do it for you, so you will have to take the initiative and be watchful at every meal. but don’t; just watch the meals. You can ruin a diet on snack alone, as many people do. They allow themselves room to cheat, and that room gets bigger and bigger each time they cheat.

It helps to know your limits. If you are going to be tempted by salad dressing, sugar, sauces and snacks, just don’t add them to your groceries. Write out your grocery list at home, when you are not hungry. Go shopping when you are not hungry and stick to your list. Then you will remove a lot of the temptation that drag you down and kill your diet.

Just because you eat healthy foods, that does not mean you are eating them in the healthiest way possible, so try to be aware of that.