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Make Fast Food Fit Your Diet

On average, Americans get about a third of their total caloric intake from eating out. Much of that comes directly from fast food restaurants, which we understand to be mostly unhealthy. But you can actually eat out and even eat fast food without sacrificing your diet. You just have to be careful what you are eating, how it is prepared and how much of it you are having. Keep in mind that a lot of these foods are covered in sugar, salt and fat, which all make you want to eat more, even when you are full.

Beware of “Healthy” Fast Food Chains

Some of the health food chains advertise themselves as healthy alternatives to the burger and fry joints that populate the landscape. You know who they are, and you have seen the Subway ads that say some customers lost tons of weight while eating their food. You want to be careful about thinking that some sort of healthy statement applies to all their food.

You can be quite sure that customers who lost weight eating at Subway didn’t do it while having a Philly Cheesesteak footlong or a bag of chips and cookies with each meal There are certainly some healthy choices there, but you have to know what they are before you just assume that something is healthy.

There are healthy Options

This brings us to the fact that pretty much every fast food place has some healthy, diet-friendly options. Even oft-lambasted fast food franchises like McDonalds and KFC have quite a few healthy options. Their salads, wraps, fruit entrees, and even a few of their more famous foods can all be fairly healthy choices. Now keep in mind that if you cover these foods with the supplied dressings and ketchup or partner them with a large soft drink, then you are obliterating their nutritional value.

But just know that most fast food restaurants are trying to cater to health-conscious people. You may have to search through the menu or ask for some things to be taken off your entrée, but you can usually find a few choices on the menu that won’t put a dent in your diet plans.

Know the Facts

As many fast food places start trying to appeal to the healthy eating habits of many Americans, they are also making it easier to find out what is inside each item on their menu. You can not only easily access ingredients, but you can find out detailed nutritional information, such as calorie counts, total fat and sugar.

If you don’t see this information listed on the menu, then you can ask for it at the counter. Take your time going through the information to ensure you are being true to your diet.

Many restaurants also feature this information online. You can actually plan out your meal before you ever visit the restaurant to ensure you are eating healthy. It’s a great way to enjoy the pleasure of fast food without regretting it later.

Your Options Are Growing

You will always have certain sectors of the fast food industry that are unabashedly unhealthy. They thrive on appealing to people who are not at all concerned about what they eat, and these include Pals, Carl’s Jr. and Five Guys. But on the other end of the spectrum, you have plenty of fast food restaurants that are scrambling to offer a great variety to healthy eaters. They are always expanding their menu options to be more inclusive and appealing.

A large portion of the population is health conscious, and the fast food industry realizes it has to reach that audience if they want to make as much money as possible. So the options you have now are just a starter. You will likely see even more healthy options pop up within established franchises and in local restaurants that want to offer something for everyone. It may seem like eating out is an instant diet killer, and it can be, but it certainly does not have to be. There are options out there for you, and you just have to look a little harder than you are used to in order to find them.