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Non-Diet Foods That Are Good for Your Diet

There are a lot of foods that most people won’t let anywhere near their diet. These are usually foods that are high in cholesterol or carbs or very sugary. But there are a few that are usually big no-no’s for diets that you may want to reconsider. They may not be fat burners, but they offer some great help to those trying to lose weight or stay in shape.

Foods That Fill You Up in Small Amounts

Natural peanut butter probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s diet food list, but you can make it a normal part of your diet and still stay on track. That’s because this delicious food is packed full of a chemical that limits fat cell production. It actually prevents new fat cells from forming. That’s not to say that you should pile on the peanut butter though.

Actually, peanut butter fills you up quickly. That’s good because it can add on fat of its own, but it is great for managing fat from other sources while being quite filling in small quantities. That makes it the perfect snack food to keep your body satisfied without adding anything to worry about to your waistline.

You can also try string cheese. This may have a lot of carbs in it, but it doesn’t take very much string cheese to satisfy a hunger craving. Once again, this snack food is great for between meals when you feel minor hunger pangs. You can just eat a single strand of the cheese instead of indulging in something sweet and fattening.

High Fiber Foods

Most people who diet know that fiber is great for their diet. It cleans out your system and gets rid of excess weight in your belly and intestinal tract. It also helps your body operate more smoothly and get rid of toxins easier. But some high fiber foods are being overlooked because they are not considered terribly healthy.

One of those is popcorn, which can actually be made with a relatively low amount of fat. Popcorn is high in fiber, and it is a great snack for satisfying late night cravings. If you eat the lightly salted, light butter or homemade varieties, you can usually enjoy a serving and only set yourself back about 100 calories. You can make it in a pan at home in a little oil and get the same results.

There are plenty of sugary cereals that are high in fiber as well. It’s okay to have some sugar in your diet, and you actually need a bit of it. These foods are countering many ill effects with loads of fiber, which makes them a decent choice. So go ahead and pick out your favorite cereal. If it is high in fiber, it won’t matter so much if it has a bit more sugar than you normally have for breakfast. Besides, that early morning sugar can give you the temporary boost to get going and burning calories throughout the day.

Fruits with Antioxidants

Any food with antioxidants is great for your weight loss. Why is that? It’s because they push toxins from your body, and once that unwanted material leaves your body, then you lose weight that you aren’t doing anything with. You might think that getting rid of some toxins won’t make you look all that different, but you may be surprised at the changes these foods can create.

People with fewer toxins in their body have a healthy glow. Their skin tends to not be so pale or sallow. They also are tighter and fitter around the midsection. A lot of toxins build up in the colon, and getting rid of them reduces unwanted weight in the abdominal area and around the waistline.

Now fruits may seem too sugary for some dieters, but many of them are packed with antioxidants. Blueberries and pomegranates are among the best toxin dispellers in the fruit category. But other foods offer these benefits as well, such as eggs. Making these foods a part of your diet may not immediately make you lose weight, but by getting rid of toxins in your body, they will help weight loss and allow you to live healthier.

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