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How a Mediterranean Diet may reduce your Risk of Cancer

The Mediterranean diet is one that has gotten a lot of publicity lately. It is a high-carb diet that is based on the eating habits of people who live in the Mediterranean. New research, discovered from a study conducted by Italy’s IRCCS-Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche, showed that adhering to this diet can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

The Mediterranean Diet

There are certain characteristics that denote a Mediterranean diet. It is actually fairly generalized, and it allows for lots of improvisation. But some basic tenants hold the diet together and differentiate it from many other types of diets being promoted today.

This diet is classified by eating meals that are high in vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, cereals, potatoes, and fish. This is also a high monounsaturated-fat, low-saturated fat diet. Furthermore, it requires a low intake of alcohol, meat, and dairy products.

The diet alone is not enough to always make a noticeable difference, either in overall health or reduced cancer risk. It needs to be accompanied by regular physical exercise. The Mediterranean people who were used as the basis for this diet live in a mountainous climate that requires much walking to get anywhere. They also work jobs that are characterized by physical activity. Theirs are not sedentary lifestyles, and those who want to make this diet work need to understand that and couple their eating habits with physical exercise.

How the Diet Reduces Cancer Risks

The study that was conducted examined the eating habits of a number of different women. The study was set up to determine if dietary habits had any effect on endometrial cancer. The researchers compared the women’s diets to the identifying traits of this diet.

So they checked off how many of the diet’s characteristics could be attributed to the women’s diets. Those who ate legumes, fish, and potatoes but also ate large amounts of dairy products and meat would have three Mediterranean diet factors. What the study discovered was that the more factors, up to a point, that were present, the lower the risk for endometrial cancer. What this meant is that it was not necessary to follow all aspects of the diet.

But further research showed that just following a couple points of the diet would not make a noticeable difference on cancer risk. What the researchers concluded was that five-seven points of the diet made the most impact. Women in the study whose diets matched up with the Mediterranean diet within that range were found to have a greatly reduced risk of experiencing endometrial cancer.

What is really significant about this study is that it didn’t take into account portion sizes, calories or carbs. That gives women a lot of room to customize their diet to their liking. They could eat more or less what they wanted to within the constraints of the diet. It gives them the amazing freedom to enjoy their meals while still combatting certain types of cancer.

Implementing This Diet

Of course, adopting the Mediterranean diet is a great way to boost overall health. This diet is perfect for transforming any kind of body into a lean, physically fit specimen with a long life. One of the biggest reasons why this diet has become so popular over the past few years is because the people who have been singing it for generations are among the longest-lived people on the planet. That is the kind of success that others want to replicate, and they can do so by taking on this easy-to-follow diet plan.

One of the benefits of this kind of diet is that it has far-reaching effects. It doesn’t just work on one body type or positively affect one aspect of health. It has a transformative effect that encompasses total body health. Those who want to live healthier and longer should see about changing out what they eat for this medically-approved diet. Of course, those with severe medical conditions need to consult their doctors before undertaking any kind of new diet. But for most people, this is a great way to still enjoy a lot of the foods they love while becoming healthier people.

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