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Joe’s Quick Weight Loss Plan

Want to lose weight quickly in time for a special occasion or holiday?

14 day diet plan for a 7lb min weight loss!! Yes minimum!! No carbs or fruit or sugars at all!!


  • 250ml glass water
  • Egg omelette with low fat cheese
  • Salmon and scrambled eggs (no milk) poached eggs


  • Any oily fish or seafood with any green vegetable/
  • Chicken cooked in oven then fried in olive oil with garlic served with asparagus


  • A nice big steak stick to sirloin or fillet with any green vegetables lots of!
  • A nice chicken dinner with again any green vegetables, salads no carrots or dressing apart from olive oil. Lemon dressing.
  • Any fish served with salad.


  • Peanuts 1/4 bag


  • Do not drink alcohol if you want this to work! Remember it is a quick 2 week program if you follow this diet, word by word you will get the results that I have mentioned.
  • Drink as much water, soda and lime as you can drink.