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Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem that most men are not ready to talk about. For them, it is more than just the physical inability to perform sexually, but the problem also has underlying emotional and psychological effects.  The good news is that erectile dysfunction can be treated with the right medication.

Doctors make sure that their patients get the right treatment for erectile dysfunction. It includes determining any medical or psychological condition that makes it worse. The treatment will depend on the extent and origin of the problem. Plus, any underlying condition about the health of the patient goes into consideration.

Physicians are in the best position to discuss the best treatments for erectile dysfunction. Since there is no one-drug-cure-for-all, the course of treatment must be studied and customized to the patient’s needs and condition. At the same time, the patient’s wife, girlfriend or partner has a say on the matter. Most men prefer to take oral medication. This type of treatment has gained so much success that it is the preferred treatment. The medications include the following:

  1. Sildenafil in the form of Viagra
  2. Tadalafil in the form of Cialis
  3. Vardenafil in the form of Levitra and Staxyn
  4. Avanafil in the form of Stendra

The aim of these four drugs is to calm the penile muscles by enhancing the presence of nitric oxide. All of these result in better blood circulation in the penis area. It causes the patient to have an erection with the help of a sexual stimulus.

However, patients should know that taking any of the four tablets does not equate to instant erection. The body’s nitric oxide is only released at the time when sexual stimulation happens. The nerves  located around the penis respond only to manual stimulation. The stimulant enhances the effect of the medication taken. When this happens, an erection occurs. The medications are not forms of aphrodisiacs. They do not create excitement in men. Men who get erections in a normal manner do not need to take any of these.

Taking Viagra may not be the same dose as when a patient takes Cialis. There are some considerations on which drug to take. The first is how long before it takes effect. The second, which is important, are the side effects of each medication.

Depending on the dose of each drug, some form of side effects might appear. The common side effects of the four drugs are the following:

  • stomach trouble
  • back pains
  • haziness of eye sight
  • congested sinus
  • and becoming red and hot.

Part of the doctor’s job is to consider the patient’s health status. The status is part of the factors  which the doctor will base his prescription from. At this point, he will know which among the four medications the patient can take. Taking prescription medicine without medical advise is extremely dangerous.

Taking these medications might put the patient in danger if they are:

  • Taking nitrate medicines.
  • Undergoing dialysis due to kidney ailment
  • Experiencing a severe case of liver ailment
  • Having trouble controlling their blood pressure. It includes hypertension and hypotension or low blood pressure levels.

There are other medications and treatments for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.  What is important is to consult a doctor first to get a complete and accurate assessment of your medical condition.

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