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The Health Benefits of Coffee

While many people drink coffee every day, they may not realize some of the benefits that this habit gives them.  There are actually potential long, lasting benefits to be had from drinking coffee on a daily basis. These go far beyond the anecdotal benefits that coffee drinkers like to talk about, such as that they can’t really function without their coffee.

We all know that coffee creates a circular benefit-dependency cycle where it provides a boost of energy and alertness while at the same time making drinkers require the coffee to get those feelings. Those who drink regularly know that they feel lethargic without coffee. While coffee certainly does have its energy-increasing benefits, these are often dulled over time as the body becomes more dulled to the coffee and requires it to even maintain regular energy levels.

But we’re talking more about the actual health benefits of the beverage here. There are advantages to drinking coffee that most of its imbibers simply don’t realize.

The Studies Show Cancer Risks Decrease

The greatest discovery to be found from studying coffee drinkers is that their risk for liver cancer and endometrial cancer are quite possibly largely reduced. The link between the two is not conclusive, as cancer takes years to develop, and it can be difficult to sort out the different factors that can contribute to such a medical condition over time.

But what researchers have found is that those who do drink at least one cup of coffee a day are far less likely than those who drink little to no coffee to develop liver cancer. And when that coffee intake increases to 2-3 cups per day, the chance of developing endometrial cancer decreases greatly as well.

Despite a concrete link, the findings are remarkable enough that many people should be taking note and considering taking up coffee drinking if they are not already.

After all, as single cup of coffee a day has little to no negative effect on the body. The small amount of caffeine in a single cup stimulates energy levels without creating a habitual need, for the most part.

And there are more benefits to drinking coffee that are already well known. The alertness that caffeine provides helps to make people smarter. They are able to retain information better and pay attention to details. This can quickly increase their IQ and allow them to become more knowledgeable than they would otherwise.

Drinking coffee also boosts the metabolism. You may notice that many coffee drinkers are quite fit. Part of that is because their metabolism is usually increased thanks to the way caffeine works in the body. That means the sugar and fat they consume is burned off faster and more easily, so they have less need to exercise vigorously to shed pounds.

Both the increased alertness and metabolism boosting benefits of coffee provide secondary benefits as well. They prevent Alzheimer’s and memory loss, as the mind stays sharper and is able to retain its youthful attributes, even into old age.

The increased metabolism ensures that diabetes is not such a risk too. By cutting back retained fat and keeping the body fitter, the coffee helps to fight back several diseases related to excess body weight and sugar retention.

Making the Changes

It is a simple thing to add a single cup of coffee to your diet every day. It is something anyone could do, and it produces some potentially enormous benefits that many diets are not able to accomplish. Dietary changes play a major role in determining how long people live and the quality of life that they enjoy. But many of the recommended diets are difficult for people to follow. It is either too difficult to make all the necessary changes and stick with them or access to the right foods is hard to come by.

But this change is small and comes with enough benefits that anyone could make the change and be better for it. Now most of the benefits from drinking coffee come directly from caffeine. If you are drinking decaf coffee, you aren’t going to enjoy the same results. But you also want to drink in moderation, as too much can be harmful to you.

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