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Does the Green Coffee Bean Diet Work?

Green coffee beans and the diet associated with them have been hailed by several different supposed medical experts. Research into this diet and the active ingredient in green coffee beans has shown a very different outcome than what its proponents have been saying.

The Premise

According to those who promote the diet, green coffee beans have a powerful ingredient called CGA (Chlorogenic acid) that helps with weight loss. This is a natural ingredient that is lost when coffee is roasted. The roasting process gets rid of this miracle weight loss supplement. It’s well known that cooking some foods can rob them of their nutrients, and that is what the claims about this product are hoping to capitalize on.

Those who adhere to the green coffee diet are supposed to be able to lose pounds quickly with a minimum of effort. It’s the same old line that many diet fads have delivered for decades. Weight loss achieved by no effort at all is something that we all want to hear about, but it never seems to pan out. That’s true enough of green bean coffee as it is of every other diet that overpromises.

Why the Green Coffee Bean Diet Doesn’t Work

The research that showed that green bean coffee could contribute substantially to weight loss was not very conclusive. The studies were not in-depth, nor were the results anything that could be fully substantiated. Instead, a quick conclusion was drawn by the pharmaceutical industry and the positive effects of a product were quickly promoted while it is negative ones were glossed over. In fact, the main study being quoted was one that only involved 16 people. That is not a large enough sample size to truly test with any accuracy how well a product will work and what results it will bring.

Other studies conducted on the supplement showed that participants were only able to lose a couple of pounds over the course of a few weeks. These people did not change their dietary or exercise habits while they took part in the double-blind study. They did keep a food journal though, which has been proven to double weight loss effects, no matter what is being tested. As you can see, the pool was quite polluted, and proper studies needed to be conducted to show whether the product was actually worth using.

Plenty of people have been skeptical about this diet craze, particularly those who had tried it and not had great results with it. The ones who have been able to use it successfully usually subsisted on a healthy diet and exercised regularly, which you will note are two things that help you lose weight regardless of whatever else you are doing.

But new and deeper research into the green coffee bean diet showed that the CGA within the beans was actually harmful to the rats it was tested on. Instead of causing them to lose weight, it did the exact opposite and made them retain weight better. The rats had a much harder time getting rid of weight they had gained, and the CGA within green coffee beans was to blame.

The study was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and directly stood against what proponents of the diet had been saying.

It is clear now that the green coffee bean diet does not work, and it can in fact, make weight loss harder to achieve. Those who are trying to lose weight effectively would do much better trying to find a diet and exercise plan that is adjusted for them personally by a nutritionist or physician.

Fad diets rarely work out, and anything offering a miracle cure is likely just a host of overblown claims. That was the case with the green coffee bean diet, and it has been the case with many similar dietary supplements in the past. Consumers are urged to do their own research and look closely at claims that seem too good to be true. In most cases, they often are.

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