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Regardless of the kind of diet that you are on, the chances are that at some point you will start to feel the first hints of boredom starting to creep in, telling you that you’re sick to death of eating the same meals on a daily basis. The HCG is extremely strict, so there’s no room for any slack on the food you eat, and after a while, this can become draining, leaving individuals to think about how they might be able to safely cheat the HCG diet. Of course, you genuinely want to lose the weight, that’s why you got started on the course, and the drops or injections that you have been taken are really showing an improvement, but you’re just not sure if depriving yourself from the food intake you’re used to is really worth it. There is a way to cheat the HCG diet without compromising your weight-loss too badly, but you should always remember that cheating comes with certain risks and before you start cheating, you should ensure that you are in a regular weight-loss pattern with your doses of HCG.

It’s no surprise that everyone loses weight in a different way, and some people find that they may lose a great deal of weight for a couple of days, and then stay more or less the same for a few days after. Your weight loss period may be shorter or longer than other people may, but very few individuals are going to lose a consistent amount of weight every day. It is important that you wait until after you have been on your HCG diet for at least two weeks before you start to consider cheating, as many people find that they lose a huge chunk within the first week, then start to slow afterwards. After two weeks, your personal regular weight loss pattern will have been properly established and that’s what you need to make sure you’re cheating doesn’t ruin your chances of success.

Once you have safely figured out what your pattern is, you will be able to try out small cheats within your diet. For example, allow yourself one single (preferably small) serving of the forbidden food that you have been craving. Make sure that you take your time and savour it, then be absolutely angelic until the moment of your next weigh. If you haven’t gained anything, then you should wait another day or so to make sure there aren’t any delayed reactions. After that though, you may have found a food that you can cheat with on a more regular basis while still losing weight. However, if you have begun to gain weight, you should immediately stop eating that food, and be strict with yourself until you are back onto the regular pattern of your weight loss. If you’re still desperate to cheat, you can try something new once your pattern has set back in, but make sure that you never attempt more than one food at once, as this increases your chances of gaining weight and you won’t be able to determine which food caused the issue.

If you’re in a weight-loss plateau (those times when you aren’t really losing anything), you should avoid cheating at all, as this can make things worse for you. Whatever you decide, be cautious about the risks that you take. After all, you don’t want to waste all of the hard work and money that you have put into achieving your ideal body so far. As tempting as it can be to add variety to your diet, you need to take risks that are careful, controlled and calculated if you want to be sure that your HCG program is still a success.