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If you’re thinking of getting started with the HCG diet, then you may need some assistance now and again throughout your weight-loss journey just to provide that little bit of extra support when you need it most. Well we’re here to help, guiding you through every step of the way and encouraging you with all the information, you’re going to need to keep going and achieve success. The following ‘Quick Start’ guide is here to give you some idea as to what you can expect when you are starting the typical forty day HCG protocol.

Often, by simply following the diet plan given to you along with taking regular doses of HCG, either in drop or injection form, many dieters find that they see anywhere between one or two pounds of weight loss each and every day. Remember that you should never attempt to follow the very low calorie diet recommended without the HCG injections or drops, as your body will not endure the minute amounts of calories within the plan without access to HCG.

Here are some of the guidelines you can keep in mind when you’re getting started:

First of all, HCG does not need to be refrigerated or frozen, so make sure that you do not expose it to any kind of extreme heat. If you find that you are starting to get interspersed or strange pains within your muscles, then you might appreciate the benefits of using potassium salt on your meals instead of regular table salt. Sea salt is also great to use, but you should always watch your intake due to water retention. Although taking a multivitamin can be helpful, you should never take any Vitamin E, flax-seed oil, or omega-3 fish oil when you are on the HCG diet, as they can compete with your HCG fat stores. Similarly, when making your meals, make sure you don’t use any oil for seasoning or cooking oil. When it comes to cosmetics, you will need to use oil free make-up and lotions, as those with oil in them can also compete with your fat stores for the HCG.

The first two days of your diet will start with a dose of HCG placed under your tongue or injected, and from that point until the end of day two, you will be permitted to eat as much food as you want, but it is typically a good idea to eat foods with a particularly high fat content. This can be an incredibly important step, especially if you are overweight, as it aims to increase your fat stores before you begin the 500 calorie diet. If you don’t load up on fat within the initial two days, you might start to suffer from hunger pangs during your diet experience. On your third day, you will need to start your reduced calorie plan, which will be continued through today 43 even though your last HCG dose will be administered on day 40.

If you achieve your target weight before your full dose of HCG, you should continue until you have completed at least a minimum of 23 doses, whilst continuing the low calorie diet for seventy two hours after day twenty three.