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Raspberry ketone supplements probably don’t get the same kind of attention that some of the other popular weight loss supplements do, but this does not mean that this supplement is less effective. Studies indicate that if you try to improve your diet and add a little exercise to your routine while using raspberry ketones you will lose a significant amount of weight.

Case studies on this supplement have shown that it is possible to lose weight while using this supplement. It’s also proven that there are no harmful side effects associated with Raspberry ketone that could make this supplement dangerous to use for long periods of time.

Raspberry Ketone Basics

Raspberry ketone supplements are known to produce an enzyme known as rheosmin which was originally used to add raspberry flavoring to items.

  • Scientists have found that they can make a synthesized version of rheosmin or extract it from other fruits including apples, grapes, peaches or rhubarb on top of raspberries. Most supplements use a combination of these sources to get enough of the enzyme to be effective.
  • As far as scientists can tell there is no difference in effectiveness of raspberry ketone supplements, even if a majority of the content does not come from raspberries.

Because such a concentrated dose is required to promote weight loss you cannot get the same results by adding a lot of raspberries to your diet. There are definite benefits to eating more fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, but you would need to eat several pounds of raspberries a day to get the same results as using a supplement.

Case Studies

Most case studies on raspberry ketones have been performed on rats rather than humans but the results appear to be transferrable.

  • Rats were given a high fat diet which was supplemented with raspberry ketones. The supplements made up 2 percent of the rats’ overall diet.
  • Studies found that both the rats lost weight consistently and fat elimination in the liver improved with regular use of the raspberry ketones.

In a similar case study involving rats scientists concluded that consuming 100mg of raspberry ketone per kg of the actual body weight of an animal, it would have a 200 times greater chance of losing weight. It is suggested that consuming this substance boosts glucose and lipid metabolism which helps the body get rid of stored fat instead of creating more fat that will eventually need to be burned off.

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