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Authority Nutrition Takes a Closer Look at Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are one of the most recent weight loss supplements to hit the market and make a big splash. They have only been popular for the past few years, which means that not a lot is known about them and how effective they are for humans. But that hasn’t kept many people from touting them as the next weight loss miracle drug.

Looking at the Evidence

Authority Nutrition recently examined all the available evidence on the raspberry ketone supplements to find out how they are working for people and if they are actually effective and safe.

First they examined how well the ketones worked in people. They found that results were all over the map. Some people gained weight with the ketones while others stayed steady and some lost weight. It seemed that the ketones had no real effect on how much weight was lost or gained. And most of the times any significant weight was lost was able to be attributed to other measures being taken or to a placebo effect taking place.

Ketones do not actually come from raspberries, since the extract needed to make them requires massive amounts of raspberries and would not be economical to produce naturally. So these are made synthetically and do not come from natural sources. But they still are not shown to have any negative side effects. Usually when you get a synthetic dietary supplement then you do have to worry about unintended side effects over time. But even though the ketones have been on the market for a while, no major side effects have been reported. The FDA has classified the supplements as generally safe for consumption.

Where Does the Weight Loss Notion of the Ketones Come from?

So those looking for a way to lose weight and unimpressed by the ketones are wondering why these supplements were chosen to help people lose weight in the first place. This all points back to an early test conducted in rats. Specifically, isolated fat cells in the rats were given massive doses of the raspberry ketones. These amounts were much higher than what you would get from daily ingesting the ketones. The results showed that the rats’ cells did not retain as much fat as they were retaining without the ketones.

But no live animals were tested and neither were humans. This means that there is no research that backs up the claims that raspberry ketones can help people lose weight. And observable evidence shows no apparent benefits either.

What it seems is that supplement companies hooked onto the idea that these ketones could help people lose weight and ran with it without getting the proper research to back up their claims. It is important to remember that what works for animals may not work for people, as their bodily systems vary significantly. And even then the massive doses used to provide favorable results in these raspberry ketone tests are far beyond what any reasonable person would try to consume in a short amount of time. It would seem that raspberry ketones are one of the least effective weight loss supplements available.

The Examination’s Findings

The research concluded no apparent benefits to taking raspberry ketones. Their only observable benefit comes in the form of skin applications. As a cream, they can create clearer and more elastic skin. But as a fat burner, they are woefully inadequate, and consumers are urged to try some other way to reduce their weight and weight retention. Raspberry ketones just are not doing the job they are purported to do.

The reason that this supplement is able to get away with being advertised as a weight loss supplement is because is it not being marketed or classified as a medication or prescription medicine. As a natural supplement it does not have to actually serve any purpose. And if you read the fine print you will see that the product carries a disclaimer that tells consumers that the product is not intended to treat any illness or condition. This would include obesity.

It is obvious from this research that taking raspberry ketones is not an effective  way to lose weight.

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