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Anywhere in the world where raspberries can grow, raspberry ketones can be produced. All scientists need is large amounts of the fruit that can be broken down to create a concentrated amount of the rheosmin enzyme that boosts your metabolism and helps people lose weight.

Rheosmin has been used in foods, perfumes and a variety of other substances for years as a way of adding a raspberry scent or flavor, so scientists know that this substance is safe to interact with. As long as you find a supplement that guarantees they are using pure raspberry ketones you can be assured of meeting your weight loss goals.

How Raspberry Ketones are extracted

Raspberry ketones can actually be produced from a variety of different fruits.

  • Raspberries, rhubarb, peaches and even tree bark like pine or maple has been found to naturally produce rheosmin, the substance that makes raspberry ketone supplements effective.
  • Scientists gather a variety of vegetation known to contain this substance and break it down so that the rheosmin can be isolated. It is then pulled out of the fruit and the rest of the flesh and juice is discarded to create a more concentrated form of this chemical.
  • Scientists have also been able to find the chemical structure for rheosmin so it can be made synthetically. The synthetic version has the same effect as extracted rheosmin.

Just like any other type of substance it’s important to make sure that the raspberry ketones you buy are manufactured in a way that is safe. Supplements that use a lot of filler or do not guarantee that they use pure substances could cause side effects— including nausea, fatigue or even bloat.

They will also have less of an effect on your weight loss because supplements with a lot of filler will not have enough percentage of ketones to take effect.

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