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How to Eat Healthier

A big part of developing eating habits comes from how food is presented to you. The way a food looks, where it is located and how it compares to other foods based on its presence and position can all affect how likely you are to choose that food over any others. The appearance, normalcy and convenience of food are keys to changing the way you eat. If you can change those factors about healthy foods and make unhealthy foods less appealing, you can change your eating habits and those of your family. We’ve developed this guide below to do just that and show you how to diet efficiently.


The way a food looks does a lot to activate certain triggers within your body. If food is well lit and made to look appealing, then it becomes more desirable. If you place fruits in a dark corner of your kitchen and have a bag of chips sitting on the island in the center of the kitchen, then you are more likely to go for that bag of chips. People’s cravings are partially controlled by what appeals to them at the moment.

You can make a concerted effort to improve the appearance of healthy foods by storing them somewhere they will be easily noticed and by ensuring that they look appealing.


People are inherently lazy, and they will almost always opt for the easiest way to get what they want. If you make sure that healthy foods are the most convenient ones, then you and your family are more likely to eat those. So knowing how to eat healthier is simple. One way to do this is to take all fruit out of their wrappers and place them somewhere obvious and within reach. Then put the junk food in the back corners of the cupboard or freezer and don’t bother unsealing it.

This puts the healthy food within easy access and makes it more appealing because it is simpler to obtain. You can also put unhealthy foods up high, out of reach. Keep the healthy foods lower, both in the fridge and cupboard. Try to keep those foods at eye level to make them as appealing and convenient as possible. Then, when someone opens the fridge or cupboard, the healthy food will be the first thing they see. They will be automatically attracted to it.

You can simply make it a part of your grocery unpacking to place the healthiest foods right where they will be noticed most easily. It’s fine to have some junk food every now and then, but putting it up out of the way or hiding it behind other items makes it less of a temptation.

How To Diet Through Normalization

Another way to make healthy food desirable is to make they seem like the norm. Pack your cupboards and fridge with healthy foods instead of filling them up with junk food. That way, the healthy food seems like the staples, and it is easier to accept and gravitate towards. You want to be careful about how you use shelf space as well. If your junk food is wide or you give it lots of shelf space, then you will make it seem like a priority in the home.

Simple tricks like storing healthy foods side by side and unhealthy foods behind one another makes the healthy foods seem like something that is normal to eat. You can also make sure that healthy foods are a part of every meal and even used as snacks. If you set up a standard and make the healthy food the norm, then you can change your eating habits and those of your family.

You also want to be sure that there is always healthy food on hand. It’s easier to find snack foods that everyone will eat, so you have to take some time to search out healthy foods that you can fill up your storage space with. But your efforts will pay off, as the healthy food will be seen as the best and most obvious choice.

Sometimes knowing how to eat healthier foods isn’t enough because cravings will always exist, but by following these simple rules, you can greatly improve your eating habits. It may be a struggle to do so at first, but it will definitely be worth it.

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