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How to Stop Overeating

Probably the hardest part of any diet is exercising control. Anyone can stick with a diet for a little while without any problems. But once the holidays hit, or you just get tired of eating small portion sizes and foods that don’t fill you up as easily, then you may start losing your resolve.

Many people who cheat on their diet during the holiday season never recover and stay off their diet permanently. So how do you retain your resolve and keep to your diet during the holidays? Here are some tips on how to stop seasonal overeating.

Control What Is Served

Keeping to a diet is all about control, and you can start by controlling the kinds of foods that you eat. But don’t stop there. You should also try to control the food you are being served. Now maybe you are not a great cook and no one would ever ask you to prepare the holiday meal for the family. That’s fine, but you want to make sure you are not overly tempted during the holiday season. So you will want to let whoever is doing the cooking know that you are on a diet and tell them what your restrictions are. Perhaps they can make some additional foods that are low in fat and sugar just for you and any other dieters who will be present. Or, you can eat less of what you are served.

On the other side of that coin, if you are making the meal, make sure you are being careful what you are cooking with and what ingredients you are using. You can find healthy recipes for any holiday favourite, and you should go out of your way to do so. You don’t always have to sacrifice flavour for healthiness, so take some time to learn how to make foods that you will enjoy eating during the holidays without cheating on your diet.

Avoid Temptation

If you enter the holidays with the mindset that you are going to cheat on your diet just a little, then you should know right away that you are going to be cheating much more than you planned. If you do want to deviate from your diet just a bit, then give yourself set guidelines. Maybe cheat on the diet for a single meal or a single day. Perhaps you know you will be away from your home and the kinds of foods that are good for you for a day. You can give yourself that day to cheat, but don’t allow yourself to cheat any further.

Never give yourself vague cheating allowances. If you control what you allow yourself to do, you will be better able to stick to your diet and accomplish your goals.

You also want to avoid the temptations that come with the holiday season. If you know that you are prone to weakness in following your diet, you can always bring your own food. Maybe you don’t have to supplement the entire meal with these foods, but you can supplement here and there.

You also need to be able to withstand the temptation of holiday specials and promotions that are geared toward holiday foods. Most of those are foods that are not good for you, so you may just want to change your shopping habits during the holiday season. You already know the grocery stores are going to be full of pies, meats and other foods that are bad for your diet during these times. These products will be on fill display and presented front and centre every time you enter the store. You may want to choose that time of year to shop at a farmer’s market or a health food store. There the temptation will be lessened. You can even mail order your meals through a dieting service.

Summary: Stopping Binge Eating

The point is to know your limitations. If you understand your body and your ability to withstand cravings, then you can know how far you need to take the restrictions and where to set boundaries. If you can manage all that and set yourself some proper diet boundaries during the holiday season, you may just emerge on the other side with your diet intact and your health on the right track.

You can always refer back to this guide whenever you or your friends need information on how to stop seasonal overeating.

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