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Many weight loss pills promise some great results, allowing you to lose pounds in a single week and drop a few clothing sizes in a couple of months. But what about some of the side effects of weight loss pills? This guide will look at the safe weight loss pills and any health concerns it may have.

Most Common Side Effects of Weight Loss Pills

These days, there are a lot of safe weight loss pills. Most supplements and pills aren’t going to be dangerous enough to give a second look at. They generally just give you the kind of expected side effects that you would find from a lot of OTC medications. These include excessive bowel movements, nausea, headaches and fatigue.

All of this is usually caused by dehydration since the pills are generally trying to eliminate fat content from your body. But whenever you eliminate matter from your body, you also get rid of nutrients and water. So not everyone who takes diet pills is accounting for the loss of these essentials, and they experience the previously mentioned side effects since they aren’t getting enough fluids and nutrients to supplement what is being lost.
This is particularly true for weight loss pills that claim to be all natural. A lot of them get rid of fat by making your body expel it as waste. So bowel and bladder control can become a problem, but if you account for them then they can be handled without too much trouble.

Harsher Effects

The diet pills that really reduce the weight and get rid of pounds quickly tend to be the ones with the most severe side effects. These also tend to be recalled fairly fast as well, as the side effects come to light and the FDA decides they are no longer fit for human consumption in their current form.

The biggest culprit being seen nowadays is an ingredient known as sibutramine. This is found in a few different weight loss products, and it can cause vomiting, headaches and increased blood pressure and even heart attacks. In fact, this substance primarily was responsible for an increase in heart events over the past 10 years. These heart events are cardiovascular malfunctions that are not usually fatal but can cause severe damage and distress.

Most of the severe side effects caused by weight loss pills all relate to cardiovascular problems. That’s because many of them increase blood pressure and put undue stress on the heart. The only other significant side effect that has appeared regularly as a result of using these pills is that of birth defects. This is often caused by the ingredient qsymia. It is only permitted to be used on a trial basis, however, and its use is not as widespread as some other dangerous substances found in weight loss pills.

Doctors urge those who want to try out the safe weight loss pills, to also look into the known side effects for themselves. Don’t just trust the ads, as they are designed to obfuscate the dangers of using weight loss pills. And if you experience any side effects that have not yet been reported, you should report them immediately.

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