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Why Weight Loss in Winter is so Difficult

Have you noticed that over the winter you pack on some pounds? Maybe you weren’t expecting it and maybe you tried to watch what you ate, but one way or another you ended up with more weight than you started with. There are a number of reasons why this happens, and we are going to look at some of the most prominent reasons weight loss in winter can be an issue.

Holiday Binging

The obvious culprit is the holidays. When Thanksgiving comes around you tell yourself that you can cheat a little and eat just because it is a holiday. But then you feel guilty about those leftovers and you eat them too.

Next comes Christmas and the New Year. You feel like you will be a social pariah if you don’t indulge at least a little. And you would be rude if you didn’t try at least a little of everything that is prepared for the seasonal parties you attend.

It has become socially acceptable to overeat during the holidays, and that one day you set aside for cheating on your diet often becomes several more. The rapid holiday succession really adds up and expands your waistline far beyond what you planned to allow. You have to be extra vigilant during the holidays, and even when you do indulge, try to keep yourself in check. It’s okay to let your diet go a little lax during special occasions, but you can still do so in modesty.

Preparing for a Lack of Food

Many biologists believe that humans have, built into their DNA, an urge to collect food and store up food during cold winter months. This may go back to times when humans were forced to fatten up and stockpile before the winter set in. They could not grow many crops during colder months, so they had to save up what they could when it started to become cold.

This isn’t a problem anymore, but it may still be hardwired into our genes. Once we start feeling the nippy wind and see the snow falling, our bodies may go into a sort of survival mode. They may feel that their existence and health is threatened by the incoming winter and start to stockpile, in a sense. This means we may feel like we need to eat more during the cold season. It may have nothing to do with what your body actually needs or real hunger, but the craving for more food may certainly be there, and we have to actively fight it if we want to emerge from the winter season with the same figure we entered it. So to achieve weight loss in winter we actually have to fight against what’s ingrained in our DNA. Just knowing that this phenomenon occurs can be the help many people need to overcome it.

Winter Boredom

So winter has started to set in and you find yourself indoors a lot of the time. Maybe you liked to get exercise by running or taking walks or swimming. It’s much harder to do that when it gets cold outside. It feels better to just stay indoors and relax, perhaps enjoying some cocoa and freshly baked bread.

What you are doing is ruining your diet plan and hurting your exercise regimen. For weight loss in winter to occur, you need to change your routine. If you are used to walking outdoors, you can just transfer your walking area to the mall or similar open indoors area. These places are open all year round, and you can make use of them to keep exercising like you always shave. Or you can switch things up and take your workout regimen to the gym.

Maybe the gym isn’t for you, and you don’t like being around all those people. Then you may want to exercise at home. Whatever you do, don’t give up your exercising just because you can’t go outside comfortably anymore. You also want to be aware of how you are spending your time. If you are inside all the time, you are going to want to be eating more often. So you either need to make sure that there are healthy options for you to snack on or give yourself a stricter diet plan to use.

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